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Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Wed Apr 8 09:19:12 CDT 2009

This email is primarily for any high school coaches on edebate.  


The NDCA website is undergoing massive overhaul this weekend and will be down for this reconstruction efforts.  This **INCLUDES** the intell wiki.  Folks will need to plan ahead if they envision needing to grab argument cites/outlines or other services the website offers (such as curriculum materials).


Ryan Ricard has graciously downloaded and archived our wiki.  You can find it here:

https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/210847/ndca-wiki.zip .


We should be up and running with an INCREDIBLE website on Monday.  We will still be at the same url - http://www.debatecoaches.org.  Thanks to Mike Bietz, Bill Batterman, and Ryan Ricard for this make-over.


Tara Tate

President, NDCA

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