[eDebate] Paperless Debate Manual

Aaron Hardy spoon_22
Thu Apr 9 00:22:25 CDT 2009

Throughout the year, I've been asked by dozens of people for a rundown 
of how the Whitman paperless system works.  Since there seemed to be a 
high level of interest, I decided to write a manual.

Hopefully, the information in it is useful to anyone considering a 
switch, or anyone who's just curious about what we're doing.  Feel free 
to send it on to anyone who might find it helpful.

The most recent version is posted here:


Revisions will likely be forthcoming as people give me feedback or ask 
me further questions.

On a side note, I'm happy to report that Whitman's first year doing 
paperless has been an unqualified success -- we're happy with how well 
it's worked, and have no intentions of ever switching back to paper.

If anyone has comments, questions, suggestions, etc...about either the 
manual or paperless in general, please direct them my way.



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