[eDebate] A Community Thank You

Roy Eno Roy.Eno
Fri Apr 10 15:39:43 CDT 2009

I would like to take a few bytes for a short thank you to the debate community. I was totally surprised in Pocatello by the Brownlee Award. I've known Don for a long time, as I have also known and respected all of the members of the recipient list. To have my community place me among these exceptional people was a singular honor.


So, my thanks to the entire debate community, debaters, new and old, coaches, and directors. As you know, I nearly slipped off to wherever ornery old arguers go last summer. Luckily, I survived and, among many layers demanding celebration, being able to return to the debate community, both CEDA and NDT, was especially worthy of thanks.


I will be writing to those of you who wrote lovely and exaggerated letters of recommendation-I appreciate your kindness. It is good to be back-see you out there.


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