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Sat Apr 11 19:13:16 CDT 2009

Greetings fellow debaters,
I am a senior debater at Emory University and I am conducting a survey to assess the nutritional habits of collegiate debaters. I intend to use the resulting data to get healthy power-foods sponsored at tournaments. Also, I will create a brochure tailored specifically for debaters with suggestions for leading a healthier life (e.g. grocery lists for tournaments, yoga routines that increase your total lung capacity, suggestions for preparing for all-night work sessions, etc?) that will hopefully spur community solutions to a dynamic and personal issue. This is something that would have helped me and so I feel driven simply by the hope that it may at least help one other person. 
Please take 3 minutes of your time to complete the following survey for the future benefit of our community: 
If you are a debate coach, please encourage your students to fill out the survey. 
All responses are anonymous and can not be linked to your identity in any way. 
Your time is appreciated.
Best Regards,
Pradeep K Pramanik
Emory University 
Class of 2009

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