[eDebate] Webb. # of wars = 43 and some genocides

Louie Petit louiedebate
Sat Apr 11 22:14:50 CDT 2009

It is hilarious that Russell rails clay for borrowing some material
when Russell continues to tell me the jokes Malgor told me the day
before. Yes Clay was well aware that
he was borrowing from Colonel Jessup's speech, YES he did it in a perfect spot, and YES
he made some clever additions.  Clay's choice to use "startegybro's" or
whatever terrible BRO blog is most likely a poor choice, but I have a
feeling that the evidence is not the point of his post.  I mean he
could have easily posted the Khalilzad evidence and Blake would still be
complaining about source citation.  However, Blake would also be
demanding the land be given back and referencing the TRULY
(un)qualified Ward Churchill.  At least the BROs at strategybro's.com
have yet to be dismissed from a college because of plagiarism...  Also be advised I am typing this in a real loud voice and
talking over anyone else at the moment. "Give me 7 cigarettes, you idiots" "Now where are the beers, let's go..."

Now Blake or should I say "officer manners", had Martin been writing
this email you could be sure the jokes would be funnier and the word
economy lots better.  Furthermore, I think Martin has already made this
post like 13 times in the past 2 years, so not sure why he chose now to
repost.  I am a bit concerned that you do not give Clay a bit more
credit for the humor and I am not the least bit shocked your upset at
the ontology joke..  He kids, he jokes, grow and learn to take a
joke....  I am certain that Clay could explain what ontology means
and I am positive he just displayed a bit of his ontological thoughts
about the world and debate..  I, however have no clue what ontology
means or even does...  seriously, none...

Now you quote from your so called superior source called worldwatch (as
if the BROS at strategybro's.com had not passed up jobs there and
laughed in the face of the offers) that "the number of wars and armed
conflicts worldwide remained almost

unchanged from previous years at *43*" and then you question research
skills of policy debate and Clay... Dude I guess it is the critical
thinking skills that you passed up in your reading of "first priority"
now insert some Nietzsche phrase I do not get(or will ever
understand).  But the fact that armed
conflicts worldwide have remained unchanged and failed to escalate
means that the world of dare I say "realism" or "power politics" has
kept the world safe (atleast i think that might be true and some type
of UQ evd about wars and stuff.. it is like a brink, right).  The
so-called wall that colonel jessup alludes
too seems to be protecting the very freedom that allowed you to learn
about whatever really cool critical K things you know.  I am being
serious when I say, "really cool critical K things" because I am not
even sure what they are...  I do not get the K or know what ontology
even means, remember, I like policy debate how could I know about the

Before we go consulting some real old books that require me to go
to a
library and not search google for a pdf or an EXCELLENT blog, you
should consult this maybe juvenile study of US power, but surely you
will agree it is plenty persuasive and has less 10 letter words than
any paragraph in a critical author book you would reference.

This from a Paul Hughes (research assistant with the Henry Jackson
Society) article called "Why American Hegemony will continue", may 2008

"The second flaw in Leonard?s study is
his neglect of hard power. It is good to have soft power, but this kind
of power has often proven to be inadequate in the face of aggression.
Appeals and sanctions did not stop the Rwandan genocide, nor did
economic interdependence prevent World War I. Only hard military power
could bring down Hitler?s regime and only hard power stopped Slobodan
Milosevic?s aggression in the Balkans."
Bam!!! The walls protector must have some guns
(okay lots) and the not just the ability to think about or makes
appeals to stop other nations (they really exist) from killing people..
I am not even sure if that is what you two BRO's are arguing about, but
i just wanted to type "hitler", "genocide", "hegemony", "united
states", and "war" into google all at once.  It was five words I was
for sure I could spell correctly and all had been mentioned in the post
before mine.  Once again the GREAT search terms I have used and a
simple google search has PROVEN beyond a doubt that ONLY U.S. military
power can stop war and it NEVERS causes them.  It says it all in those
4 sentences.  I am so gooood at the research that I bet
strategybro's.com will soon be giving me a call.

I have not coached a People's Tournament National
Champion(more formally known as CEDA), let alone two, but I did stay at Holiday Inn for the some
deabte tournament 3 or 4 years ago... Maybe that will be enough to get me in the door at strategybro's.com 

Clay make joke, Louie make joke.. please do not wet yourself in anger...
Seriously, congrats to RJ, Nick, and all their coaches for bringing OU 2nd national campionship in 3 years....
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