[eDebate] that zizek card

Old Strega oldstrega
Mon Apr 13 16:43:44 CDT 2009

is not an action bad card.
it's a card that says obama created the impression of an urgent crisis requiring an immediate response in a similar way to how dubya steamrolled through the patriot act and the invasion of afghanistan after 9-11.
the problem is not action per se but using the 'rhetoric of the necessity of immediate action' to forgo debate about the best action.    
that was a huge mistake by obama.    nobody had time to read the bailout legislation much less discuss.   he sent all of his followers videotapes on the weekend prior to the vote -- "mobilizing the base" behind the bailout.  that's gross simpleton party politics.     don't debate.  obama knows.   do it now.   we have to or the crisis will get even scarier.  yeah, the videotape's great.   it says all you need to know about the bailout if you're in moveon.org or with the anneburg foundation.     it's crap.    obama squashed the opportunity for a bailout debate.   he's squashed the debate about afghanistan.   the only question deserving caution for teleprompter boy is "whether or not we have a good exit strategy".   joke.   how bout all the obama arguments from the election debates against the iraq war applied to the afghan war?     how bout imperial wars drain investment in domestic infrastructure spending money in the wrong place?   anybody remember that half-hearted obama quip from stump?
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