[eDebate] Dear Brian Schrader

Ross Smith smithr
Mon Apr 13 18:47:26 CDT 2009

Your first sentences are condescending and insulting: "Contrary to 
popular belief and debate practice, not all evidence with the words 
"policy" and "debate" are necessarily policy debate good cards. Read the 
title of the article- it is an action bad argument."

Contrary to your belief (inferred from your practice), I am not 
illiterate and did read the entire article, title included.

Your next sentence reinforces my point: "But, if you read the first part 
of the article, Zizek is pretty clear abut what he thinks politics 
means. In this case, it entails not feeling required to act, i.e. "dont 
just do something talk"."

We should not rush to judgment. Policy makers should not just act for 
the sake of acting. They should debate (talk) about policy more, act 
less (and less hastily).  Debate good. C'mon, the article concluded by 
praising Obama for arguing that we should have a debate (about policy)!

The article did not say we should not debate about policy.

You note that you were just noting the subsidies links. True. And I was 
just thanking you for drawing my attention to an interesting defense of 
talking about policy as opposed to making policy (I do not believe any 
of us make policy when we debate it in an academic forum).

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

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