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Seth Gannon gannse5
Tue Apr 14 12:45:00 CDT 2009

I think we should have one.

I?m sure people have suggested this before, but I spent little (read:  
zero) time searching the archives before sending this.

A monthly 25-team poll would require little time or effort: Each  
school gets one ballot to delegate to a coach. That coach is  
encouraged to vote in the first week of every month. If they don't, no  
harm done; one fewer ballot is counted in that month?s poll. All  
that?s required is a simple website to collect votes (simple, says the  
guy who couldn?t make it in a million years). A more complex system  
might, a few days before votes are due, put out a report providing the  
last month?s tournament results, ranked wins, losses, etc. for every  
team receiving a vote in the previous poll.

First round rankings appear for the first time at the end of the year  
and leave people surprised and disappointed. Having not looked at this  
year?s chart, I?m not taking issue with any particular rankings, but  
we can all agree it?s not an exact science. The committee has a  
difficult and thankless job, and guidance at the margins from a  
community-wide poll couldn?t hurt. It?d be of less help for second  
rounds, obviously, although receiving votes at different points of the  
season would make good resume material.

It seems like a nice PR tool. Wake can?t be the only campus where  
people ask in November or whenever else, ?What are you ranked?? Five  
minutes of fall tournament results and ?so that?s pretty good? and ?we  
were excited about that? doesn?t exactly get an outsider?s heart  
pumping. Even if the analogy to college football or basketball doesn?t  
appeal to you viscerally, it should pragmatically. Statements like  
?We?re sitting at #4,? ?Last weekend, we had a big win over #1,? ?We  
were 10-4 against the top 25 this year,? ?Picking up more votes in  
every poll,? etc., are powerful and easily digestible for people  
outside the activity.

Obviously, having not had Lamballe proof this, there may well be some  
damning problem I haven?t considered, but I hope you?ll quickly expose  

See everyone soon,

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