[eDebate] Kansas State High School Coaches Workshop

Justin Green jmgreen
Tue Apr 14 19:00:30 CDT 2009

one quick aside........shout out to Greg Achten who was also a KSU
alum I neglected to mention in a previous post.  Robidoux for Achten
sounds like a great trade to me :)

Registration and further information can be found at

Kansas State will have a coaches workshop from July 6th-12th.

The Coaches Workshop will be lead by Chris Wheatley, a former KSU
College coach who has spent the past 20 years coaching at the high
school level in the states of Colorado, Georgia, and Kansas. His teams
have won NFL Nationals and awards at many other national tournaments.
Chris is widely versed in arguments with a specialty in
cross-examinations. Coaches will have the opportunity to judge debates
on panels, attend lectures, and most importantly discuss how to coach
and teach debate with other coaches. Numerous curricular materials
will be provided. The majority of each day will focus around teaching
a concept within debate (researching, blockwriting, rebuttals,
constructives, etc). The schedule will allow for ample breaks so that
coaches might enjoy the City of Manhattan as well including plenty of
time in the evening for Aggieville. Because of the support from KSU,
Chris Wheatley, and the National Forensics League, the cost of the
Coaches Workshop will only reflect the housing/food costs in the

Commuter Rate: Free - Any coach might come, but please register so we
can make appropriate accomodations.

Double Room - No Food: $210

Double Room - 3 meals/day: $330

Single Room - No Food: $300

Single Room - 3 meals/day: $410

Parking Fee - $15/week

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact
jmgreen at ksu.edu

Looking forward and hoping you will join us,

Justin Green

p.s. If any coach wants an invoice ahead of time, this can easily be arranged.

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