[eDebate] Hunger just is....

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Wed Apr 15 11:30:59 CDT 2009

Hey Jud,

First, Obviously people are hungry.
Second, I only roll with baby kritiks that are hungry for attention
Third, I bet there were people that did get it.  By defining what hunger is, narrowly or broadly, we can create the statistics need to justify the various results.  There are studies that show how the term "malnourished" has been used to justify outside intervention, that was not really hooked to need of food, but desire to bring the green revolution to other areas.  Once hooked on the tractor, they needed fuel, once they needed to buy fuel to grow, they needed capitalism.  Locked in, then when out of money and indigenous techniques to grow their own food like the previous generations they starve, kind like what you say is hunger.

There was no clear claim rather than the term "hunger" is culturally subjective and can be manipulative.  Indian people weren't hungry, according to my ancestors, until white people and the plow showed up.



I say this with the utmost respect, but I'm really not feeling you on this one. I think maybe its better to use the word malnutrition, meaning protien energy malnutrition, the ultimate result of which is death. It is a physical state of being. No one created it by use of language and regardless what you or anyone calls it, it has existed for thousands of years. Some of our earliest recorded history deals with the subject of famine. We know from anthropolgy and paleo-pathology that even before recorded history people suffered from malnutrition. No one who "thought they knew what 'nutrition' was" caused it. It is jsut what happenes when you don't take in enough calories to provide the energy the body needs to survive.


P.S. Your post made me think of a little baby kritik before it grows up, so cute as it tries to reach out with its little links for anything to grab on to. Maybe as it matures it will find something better to link to than someone who, as you say, "wanted to help". If it gets enough to eat that is : ) 

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