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David Register regedebate
Fri Apr 17 14:44:17 CDT 2009

Greetings from Burlington,

Full details on the 2009 National College Policy Workshop are coming soon!
 We are quickly approaching decision time for this year's WDI
scholars. For those
of you who missed the initial announcement, all of the important information
is available at
Please send applications to me at David.Register at
uvm.edu.<http://www.ndtceda.com/mailman/listinfo/edebate> The
deadline for applications is Thursday, April 30, 2009. Many of you have
contacted me
expressing interest, so make sure to complete and submit all of the
required information in time so that you will be considered as a serious
when we begin the review process. If you have not applied, now is not
too late!

The 2008 Scholars had a fantastic year of debating.  Here's the report:

Brian Rubaie (Texas - Dallas)

Brian reached the semifinals of both CEDA and Harvard!  He also made it to
Octos of Northwestern, Cal, and Wake Forest; qualified for the NDT (2nd out
of District 3!); and advanced to Double Octos at the NDT.   Brian also
racked up numerous speaker awards this year: 4th at CEDA, 16th at the NDT,
19th at Wake, 2nd at the D3 Qualifier, and 5th at Cal.  Kudos to Brian and
the whole UT-D crew on an outstanding year!

Lauren Sabino (Wake Forest)

Lauren cleared everywhere she went except for USC and Harvard, where she was
5-3 and missed on points.  She won the Liberty tournament and was in
Semifinals of West Georgia.  Along the way she was top speaker at Libersty,
17th at CEDA, and 20th at West Georgia.  In addition, she was part of a
squad that had another great showing at the NDT!  Congrats to Lauren and the
Demon Deacons!

Dylan Quigley (Kansas)

Dylan cleared at Kentucky and Northwestern, was in elimination rounds at
both halves of the Texas Two Step, and was 5-3 at Harvard.  He also
qualified for the NDT, where he competed and also assisted his teammates in
an incredible run.  Congrats to Dylan and the Jayhawks!

Nick Watts (Oklahoma)

2009 CEDA National Champion!  Nick was also in Octos of Northwestern,
Kentucky, and the NDT.  He was in Quarterfinals at Wake Forest, Semifinals
at West Georgia, and also won the UCO tournament!  In addition, Nick was 7th
speaker at CEDA & 11th at Northwestern.  Nice job Nick (and of course RJ)!
 Congrats to the Sooners on another banner year.

Hopefully, the 2009 Scholars will find similar success next season!

Contact me if you if you have additional questions about the program.

David Register
Lecturer/Debate Coach
Lawrence Debate Union
Department of Theatre
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Vermont
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