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Matthew Rosenblum matthewrosenblum411
Fri Apr 17 15:35:47 CDT 2009

Florida State University will have at least 2 debate assistantships
available starting Fall 2009. Debate assistantships are available at both
the Masters and PhD level.  Assistantships include out of state tuition
wavers as well as a stipend. Debate assistants gain invaluable experience at
Florida State University through teaching sections of the basic
communication course, coaching the policy team, and working with
knowledgeable faculty who possess a wide array of specializations.

Graduate assistants are required to be accepted to the graduate program in
Communication, and to enroll for a minimum of nine hours per semester to
qualify for funding. Contingent upon availability of funding and
satisfactory performance, graduate assistant appointments may be continued
beyond one year.  The official deadline for the Fall Semester is July 1st,

Florida State University is a Research 1 university of 40,000 students
located in the state capital of Tallahassee, a progressive and diverse
community of almost 275,000 located 40 miles from the Gulf beaches.

The Department of Communication offers master's degrees in Media and
Communication and Integrated Marketing Communication with degree focus in
Integrated Marketing, Hispanic Marketing, or Digital Marketing
Communication.   At the doctoral level, the department offers a degree in
Mass and Speech Communication.  The program also offers graduate
certificates in Project Management, Digital Video Production, and Hispanic
Marketing Communication.

Information on the Department of Communication can be found online at

For general questions about the Department of Communication please contact
Audrey Post at Audrey.Post at comm.fsu.edu or 850-644-9698.

For questions about the team contact me at dholbrook at fsu.edu


Danielle Holbrook

Director of Debate

Florida State University

Matthew Rosenblum

"The Internet thinks me. The Virtual thinks me. My double is wandering
through the networks, where I shall never meet him. For that parallel
universe has no relation to this one. It is an artifical transcription of
it, but it does not reflect it. The Virtual is no longer the potentially
real, as it once was. Non referential ? orbital and exorbital ? it is never
again intended to meet up with the real world. Having absorbed the original,
it produces the world as undecidable."- Jean Baudrillard
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