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Roy Eno Roy.Eno
Mon Apr 20 17:27:59 CDT 2009

Makes sense, and, assuming you wok hard in debate (and classes), you will have a good shot at increasing your scholarship amount.


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Today's Topics:

   1.  too much gov't: cybersecurity act of '09 (Zoheb Nensey)
   2. did obama botch captain's rescue + then take credit (Old Strega)
   3. Anyone Still Need TOC Judging? (Nick Ryan)


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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 00:03:29 -0400
From: Zoheb Nensey <zoheb.nensey at gmail.com>
Subject: [eDebate]  too much gov't: cybersecurity act of '09
To: edebate at www.ndtceda.com
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It might be necessary. Read this.

Zoheb Nensey
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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 08:47:10 -0500
From: Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com>
Subject: [eDebate] did obama botch captain's rescue + then take credit
To: <edebate at ndtceda.com>, Jay Reed <jvreedmore at hotmail.com>
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do we have a president worse than jimmy carter in the making?    this story has just hit the blogosphere.   if it withstands scrutiny, mr. afghanistan could be a yellow belly.   i'm sure investigative reporters will put this story under the microscope and we'll know soon enough.

Having spoken to some SEAL pals here in Virginia Beach yesterday and asking why this thing dragged out for 4 days, I got the following:

1. BHO wouldn't authorize the DEVGRU/NSWC SEAL teams to the scene for 36 hours going against OSC (on scene commander) recommendation.
2. Once they arrived, BHO imposed restrictions on their ROE that they couldn't do anything unless the hostage's life was in "imminent" danger
3. The first time the hostage jumped, the SEALS had the raggies all sighted in, but could not fire due to ROE restriction
4. When the navy RIB came under fire as it approached with supplies, no fire was returned due to ROE restrictions. As the raggies were shooting at the RIB, they were exposed and the SEALS had them all dialed in.
5. BHO specifically denied two rescue plans developed by the Bainbridge CPN and SEAL teams6. Bainbridge CPN and SEAL team CDR finally decide they have the OpArea and OSC authority to solely determine risk to hostage. 4 hours later, 3 dead raggies
7. BHO immediately claims credit for his "daring and decisive" behaviour. As usual with him, it's BS.

So per our last email thread, I'm downgrading Oohbaby's performace to D-. Only reason it's not an F is that the hostage survived.

Read the following accurate account.

Philips? first leap into the warm, dark water of the Indian Ocean hadn?t worked out as well. With the Bainbridge in range and a rescue by his country?s Navy possible, Philips threw himself off of his lifeboat prison, enabling Navy shooters onboard the destroyer a clear shot at his captors ? and none was taken.

The guidance from National Command Authority ? the president of the United States, Barack Obama ? had been clear: a peaceful solution was the only acceptable outcome to this standoff unless the hostage?s life was in clear, extreme danger.

The next day, a small Navy boat approaching the floating raft was fired on by the Somali pirates ? and again no fire was returned and no pirates killed. This was again due to the cautious stance assumed by Navy personnel thanks to the combination of a lack of clear guidance from Washington and a mandate from the commander in chief?s staff not to act until Obama, a man with no background of dealing with such issues and no track record of decisiveness, decided that any outcome other than a ?peaceful solution? would be acceptable.

After taking fire from the Somali kidnappers again Saturday night, the onscene commander decided he?d had enough.

Keeping his authority to act in the case of a clear and present danger to the hostage?s life and having heard nothing from Washington since yet another request to mount a rescue operation had been denied the day before, the Navy officer ? unnamed in all media reports to date ? decided the AK47 one captor had leveled at Philips? back was a threat to the hostage?s life and ordered the NSWC team to take their shots.

Three rounds downrange later, all three brigands became enemy KIA and Philips was safe.

There is upside, downside, and spinside to the series of events over the last week that culminated in yesterday?s dramatic rescue of an American hostage.

Almost immediately following word of the rescue, the Obama administration and its supporters claimed victory against pirates in the Indian Ocean and [1] declared that the dramatic end to the standoff put paid to questions of the inexperienced president?s toughness and decisiveness.

Despite the Obama administration?s (and its sycophants?) attempt to spin yesterday?s success as a result of bold, decisive leadership by the inexperienced president, the reality is nothing of the sort. What should have been a standoff lasting only hours ? as long as it took the USS Bainbridge and its team of NSWC operators to steam to the location ? became an embarrassing four day and counting standoff between a ragtag handful of criminals with rifles and a U.S. Navy warship.
Windows Live?: Life without walls.
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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:54:59 -0400
From: Nick Ryan <runlittleman at gmail.com>
Subject: [eDebate] Anyone Still Need TOC Judging?
To: e debate <edebate at ndtceda.com>
        <886dd32a0904200954r253ded7fgc8e908112b74159d at mail.gmail.com>
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I know its kind of late in the process, but myself and another Assistant
coach have full commitments available for the TOC. We are also willing to be
hired out as Card cutters, scouts, errand boys, etc. We have our own
transportation in Lexington, our own board, and will pay for all of our own
meals. Let me know if you are interested and we can work something out.

Nick Ryan
Assistant Debate Coach
Liberty University
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