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Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Tue Apr 21 23:21:07 CDT 2009


I'm Jason Russell. I coached at OU for the last 4 years. My graduate
assistantship at OU is up and I'm seeking some flexible coaching jobs that
would allow me to live somewhere else and work with their team. If you know
of any or have one of your own, please contact me. I would also consider
just about any job that's available today, including on-site jobs, that are
compensated commensurate with the Masters level or above. Traveling jobs,
I'd be more flexible with regard to salary.

As an aside, just because I work at OU, don't presume I am only willing or
able to do work on specialized kritik args. Most of my background prior to
OU concerns disads and CP's and I've very successfully coached teams,
including Michigan State DM (NDT and CEDA finalist 2000), running said
arguments. I'd encourage you to speak to my current or previous employers
regarding my skills.

Sorry to clutter the listserve with actual business. Back to making fun of
Josh and Malgor.

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