[eDebate] Baltimore Coop 2009

Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Thu Apr 23 14:45:57 CDT 2009

Here's what we're planning to offer this summer.  Before the details, here's
our thinking.

A lot of what debate can be doesn't need an intensive two-week in-person
marathon.  It's nice to see people at debate camp but it would also be nice
if debate camps were more humane and more accessible to folks who work or
take classes over the summer.  We hope that this year's format allows a
better balance of intensity and inclusion.  So, we'll give it a try and see
how it works this year.  If you want to cut Medvedyev internals you will
probably be happier at one of the other fine camps the community puts on.
We're likely to focus more on things like libratory pedagogies and social
justice that transcend specific topic wordings or lists.  We will talk about
the topic, what it means for debates, how we relate to the resolution, etc.
but if you want to cut topicality violations you should probably wait until
the wording is announced in August.  Or you could perm do both.

Anyway, please consider participating.  Three of the four top "movers" on
Jim Hanson?s list (
http://www.mail-archive.com/edebate at www.ndtceda.com/msg05340.html) attended
the coop last year.  There?s lots of ways to be good at debate ? I hope you
can share your way this summer.  Contact me if you have any questions, Beth

no fees (that's right f-r-e-e)

workshop schedule

   - Tentatively June 19-22, July 10-13, August 21-23
   - 10:00-8:00 daily
   - Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for labs and instruction
   - Monday is debates

participants are responsible for securing their own lodging and meals

   - hotels (we can recommend lots of options for different price ranges)
   - possibly on-campus apartment space for large groups
   - private housing if we really, really like you ;)

instructional topics will be determined by demand of those attending

staff include Beth Skinner, Daryl Burch, Andy Ellis, Chris Baron plus
whoever else would like to volunteer (and I do mean volunteer - no fees
means no staff salaries)

free on-campus wireless and access to all university databases

electronic copies of all research produced

on-line participation option for those who can't travel (this is likely to
be pretty rudimentary unless someone who knows a lot about video
conferencing wants to take that on)
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