[eDebate] seeing the forest. . .on our topic 'discussion'

Nicole nicole.colston
Fri Apr 24 09:44:08 CDT 2009

topic time rolls around again, and i feel this surging anger and
feeling of inevitable disappointment.  i guess somethings never
change, or old habits die hard, or something.  But i am trying to be
reflective.  just two thoughts:

1) open access, you gotta have it, then you gotta promote it's actual
use-----do you seriously have to have the registration code for your
university to post on the discussion boards about the topic??? how is
this accessible to the community 'at large'? for instance incoming
freshman, people without programs, ex-pats in the 'real' world?  what
is a registration code? Do i need to pay ceda dues to add to the topic
discussion?  I just think the point would be to have a forum that
serves a purpose of open access. . .and eeehhh, not so much.  Plus, we
all know the all the smartee-pants (like me?) will  just use e-debate
to slander and confuse.

2) what are my topic 'worries'?  (we all phrase them as 'worries'-
btw, food for thought).  Well, that we will obsess about grammar,
definitional terms, and policy-esque style 'neg ground'. . . instead
of choosing a topic that fits the changes in our community practices
and evolution in argument and theory.  maybe we could leave some of
the ground and definitional debate to the debaters, what a thought!
isn't everything debatable?  can't we create SAFE debate space for

so besides these two things, i , nicole colston, vow to be a bit more
optimistic about the potential of the topic for discovery and
education. . . and to not bite until bitten.

hope you will join me. . .

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