[eDebate] my feelings are hurt.........

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Sat Apr 25 07:51:14 CDT 2009

Feelings hurt,  Not really, i have been around ankle biters my whole life.

I just want to say that this person knows nothing of my workshop and is apparently in line for either an ass kicking or legal counseling or public humiliation

They can read our website, and do a terrible job of making fun of people.  Obviously they want to maintain friendship with some people on the staff like nick and toni, which means I feel this persons true identity will be outed soon.

If you have questions about the workshop please let me know.  I think we have 15 people, so we are close to full.

I wont answer the dumb long email, it would take too long to correct all the stupid false accusations.  Obviously I am just doing it for the money, it makes up for all the free workshops I do in the summer.

Calling people idiots and accusing people of smoking pot or being on drugs seems like the coolest way to prop up an ego on edebate and deal with ones own deficiencies.

I do have good ghost stories, or just stories about me and my friends from Comanche kicking peoples ass all the time for fun, especially ankle biters .....



"Talk more shit and I will punk you out every time I see you!"    -- Comanche Wrestler  

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