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Sat Apr 25 11:24:07 CDT 2009

Dear Debate Community,

Due to the ubiquitous nature of creativity, persuasion and ambition within
the community, I wanted to extend this invitation (below) to all
undergraduate collegiate students.

Please note that submission is open to any student, regardless of major,
rank or university.

Our editing process entails both peer review (student editorial board) and
several Political Science Profs. (previously Prof. John Mueller, Randy
Schweller, and the like.)

Information included below.


Drew Herrick
The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Political Science Organization

*What To Do With Last Term?s Paper???*

Why waste your old final papers? Use them to get PUBLISHED!!!

The Ohio State Undergraduate Political Science Organization (UPSO) is now
accepting submissions for Volume III, Issue I, of the Journal of Politics &
International Affairs (JPIA). Manuscripts to be considered for publication
in Volume III will be accepted on a rolling basis. Interested parties are
encouraged to submit their honors' thesis, upper-level course work, and/or
research projects.

The JPIA welcomes submissions from undergraduates and graduates of *any
university, rank or major*. We seek to publish manuscripts of the highest
quality, and papers selected for publication are generally exceptionally
written, with well-developed theses, and exhibit articulate and compelling
arguments with original analysis. Manuscripts for consideration should be
roughly 10-20 pages and include an abstract of approximately 150 words at
the beginning of the paper. Citations and references should follow the
American Political Science Association Style Manual for Political Science.
All references must be complete, accurate, and up-to-date for submissions to
be considered.

Submissions must be in the form of a Microsoft Word document and should be
e-mailed to upsopublic at gmail.com. Please include name, university, a short
biography, and contact details (mailing address, e-mail address, and phone
number). Those who submit papers may be asked to revise their manuscript
before and after it is accepted for publication.

UPSO is the academic organization on OSU's campus representing students in
the field of political science. As a group, we support and engage political
science students in meaningful projects to help them become better scholars,
leaders, and humanitarians. UPSO's main project each year is the JPIA, the
first published political science research journal of its kind at Ohio
State. The JPIA represents the highest quality political science
undergraduate research and provides an outlet for original political science
and international affairs research from all academic and professional
disciplines and backgrounds.

For more information (including previous examples of the Journal), please
visit upsoatosu.org or email us at upsopublic at gmail.com.


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