[eDebate] teleprompter crutch kid update

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Tue Apr 28 13:30:23 CDT 2009

the link has the video to evidence of the latest incarnation of american public speech embarrassment.   obama appears smooth but he is not intelligent enough to go off his crutch.    bush bandaid not good enough.

President Obama?s speech at the National Academy of Sciences Monday morning hit a brief snag when Obama got ahead of his script. 

Laying his plan for a President?s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Obama began to name the members of PCAST listed in his prepared remarks ? before realizing he?d already introduced them, earlier in his speech. 

?In addition to John ? sorry, the ? I just noticed I jumped the gun here,? Obama said, pausing for several seconds as he looked at the prompter. ?Go ahead. Move it up. I had already introduced all you guys.? 

The audience, which gave the president a warm reception, responded with a quiet laugh.

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