[eDebate] Call for Debate on Amendment adding Events or Divisions to CEDA Nationals

Justin Green jmgreen
Wed Apr 29 22:45:14 CDT 2009

The following amendment is up for vote in the CEDA Ballot:

Beginning of next season

Add to IX, Section 6

?The President may, with approval by the Executive Council, add
divisions or events to the invitation of the national tournament. All
new events must be approved prior to the release of the tournament

While I am not opposed to changes to CEDA Nationals, the inclusion of
divisions or potentially new events should be decided by popular vote
of member schools and not by the President.  ....Numerous friends and
colleagues have described CEDA Nationals as "the people's tournament".
 This amendment flies in the face of that spirit.  If the motivation
is to include a Novice Division, then we should have a vote about
that.  I encourage others to use their vote to reject this amendment
so that the President and EC continue to carry out the duties of
hosting a great CEDA Nats as set up by the schools, not the

I have no doubt that there are advantages to this amendment I am
mission.  So, I am asking for supporters of this amendment to please
speak up publicly to at least answer the question of "why are new
events or divisions better created by the President without a public
vote than through the usual amendment process?"

Thanks for your time,

Justin Green

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