[eDebate] Graduation Amendment

Phillip Samuels iriamenzo
Thu Apr 30 03:21:12 CDT 2009

Everyone should vote for the Amendment that allows students to graduate and still debate as long as they are enrolled in a graduate program at their undergraduate institution.  I know that there will be a few schools that don't have graduate programs on site but those cases are no different than the status quo. However, for those schools with MA/PhD programs it would give our kids a choice. They could graduate, get a masters, and finish my career; or they could continue to debate as an undergrad.  So many of our students come to college with a year or more of credits already under their belts.  These students could graduate in three years if they wanted but they delay their graduation to finish their debate careers or they graduate and cut their careers short. This is stupid.  We should encourage them to graduate and not punish them.  This should not be a controversial amendment at all. 

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