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Joe Koehle joe_koehle
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There seem to be a couple of concerns about ground/novice considerations for the taboo topic. 

Applicabilty: In my essentials argument class, on the 1st day of class,
I ask students to rank their favorite 15 topics from a big old list of
possible argument topics (including previous debate controversy areas).
The responses for the last 6 semesters have been similar, in the top 10
selections I always find: prostitution, legalizing drugs, and gay
marriage (also immigration is always in the top 10)- often
assisted-suicide is in the top 15. I do it on the 1st day of class, so
that we haven't had time to influence each other yet and we do it
anonymously. Everyone gets a vote and the most popular topics are the
ones we use for the semester. After 6 semesters of data, I feel
confident that Novice, in particular, love the parts of this topic and
find them very debatable on both sides. In fact, the enjoy researching
and discussing the parts of this topic. Advanced debate on these
subjects is a sweet bonus (and much needed) - not a DA. The body stuff
is the background of the topic area, but that's all it is. The
resolutions are more specific, but body prohibitions is the defining
trait that links them all together. 

Ground: I have suggested
several resolutions in the paper and supplied solvency literature for
the parts of the resolution. Hansen has raced to the worst neg ground
(backlash) which I was hesitant to include, but is part of a rights
debate. (I suspect he is already decided in favor of a prolif debate :)
The best ground is cleary federalism and politics debates, but I don't
think there's any shortage of ground any on of the suggested parts of
the topic. I also find shocking that conservatives in the debate
community are so liberal that they cannot oppose prostitution, drug
use, or porn. Please people, even liberals aren't united on these
fronts. There are great case turns here! Just because I wrote the paper
doesn't make it non-traditional (these are super common subject areas
with a USFG actor); i do thank you for the inherent connection. 

genital flowering. I was trying to demonstrate that most won't debate
the obscure, but in order to explain the obscure. Genital flowering is
language for 2 possible actiions - 1. the flowering of marijuana plants
2. tattooing flowers on your genitals (vaginas in particular). 

how many times do we need to debate prolif for god's sake...(at minimum
Middle East, CTBT, a high school topic)...rinse and repeat...

Thank you for considering the area of discussion. Maybe some day edebate will work for me too -Toni 

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