[eDebate] fools, obama NOT pulling out of iraq

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more charisma = sell more war than bush could.   who cares if it's a broken or compromised campaign promise?   he's better than bush.   go back to chicago 2012.
opening card from the article:

Remember when Barack Obama made that big announcement at Camp Lejeune about how all US combat troops were going to be withdrawn from Iraqi cities by June 30? Liberals jumped around with joy, praising Obama for ending the war so that they could focus on their ?good war? in Afghanistan.Of course, the celebrations were and remain unwarranted. Obama?s Iraq plan is virtually identical to the one on Bush?s table on January 19, 2009. Obama has just rebranded the occupation, sold it to liberals and dropped the term ?Global War on Terror? while, for all practical purposes, continuing the Bush era policy (that?s why leading Republicans praised Obama?s plan). In the real world, US military commanders have said they are preparing for an Iraq presence for another 15-20 years, the US embassy is the size of Vatican City, there is no official plan for the withdrawal of contractors and new corporate mercenary contracts are being awarded. The SoFA Agreement between the US and Iraq gives the US the right to extend the occupation indefinitely and to continue intervening militarily in Iraq ad infinitum. All it takes is for the puppets in Baghdad to ask nicely?

In the latest episode of the ?Occupation Rebranded? mini-series, President Obama is preparing to scrap the June 30 withdrawal timeline.
As The New York Times reports: ?The United States and Iraq will begin negotiating possible exceptions to the June 30 deadline for withdrawing American combat troops from Iraqi cities, focusing on the troubled northern city of Mosul, according to military officials. Some parts of Baghdad also will still have combat troops.?

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