[eDebate] Incomeptency and 2ND Round rankings!

bandana martin drmosbornesq
Wed Apr 1 11:48:32 CDT 2009

this has got to be some kind of joke - your pre-district rankings were every
bit as crazy at least regarding clay and jumbles - o u know the 8th or 9th
best team at the D3 tournament lol

the day jackie massey calls everyone ELSE cheaters ...

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 7:51 AM, Massey, Jackie B. <debate at ou.edu> wrote:

> Or you can just call it cheating.
> Someone ranked my team 26 and then reversed most of the order of most of
> the teams to probably help particular teams.
> I had a team go 5-2 at WGA and make it to Octos at CEDA and they did not
> get a 2nd round at the NDT.  I looked at the rankings.
> If you rank to help specific teams, is that cheating?
> Should you lose your voting rights if it is obvious you were cheating to
> help certain teams?
> Or is it just unethical, and everyone loves this system?
> I dont get it and i dont get how someone thinks they can get away with it.
>  This is not educational, and its not fair to my team who deserved to be at
> the NDT.
> Even if the other rankings would not have balanced out in our favor, there
> was still injustice and blatant cheating in someone rankings.
> Shouldnt they be called out.
> This the second time the AT-Large Ranking system plays favors.  I am sure
> you remember the other!
> Fess Up Cheaters!
> massey
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