[eDebate] Incomeptency and 2ND Round rankings!

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all i have to say to you is 

FRAMEWORK... since thats all you could say as a debater...
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this has got to be some kind of joke - your pre-district rankings were every bit as crazy at least regarding clay and jumbles - o u know the 8th or 9th best team at the D3 tournament lol

the day jackie massey calls everyone ELSE cheaters ...

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Or you can just call it cheating.

Someone ranked my team 26 and then reversed most of the order of most of the teams to probably help particular teams.

I had a team go 5-2 at WGA and make it to Octos at CEDA and they did not get a 2nd round at the NDT.  I looked at the rankings.

If you rank to help specific teams, is that cheating?

Should you lose your voting rights if it is obvious you were cheating to help certain teams?

Or is it just unethical, and everyone loves this system?

I dont get it and i dont get how someone thinks they can get away with it.  This is not educational, and its not fair to my team who deserved to be at the NDT.
Even if the other rankings would not have balanced out in our favor, there was still injustice and blatant cheating in someone rankings.
Shouldnt they be called out.

This the second time the AT-Large Ranking system plays favors.  I am sure you remember the other!

Fess Up Cheaters!

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