[eDebate] Accepting it!

Wed Apr 1 14:17:14 CDT 2009

I hope all rankers understand how important the second round ranking process is, and that they take the time and consideration to considers other as they themselves would want their teams treated.

CEDA-NDT debate (thanks Kevin for correcting my terminology :) has been getting really competitive since ther merger, and that process continues to accelerate.

While I don't want to take a specific public position on whether Oklahoma B should or been in or out, I was shocked that a team whom had been debating together all year with a 61% win record was excluded.

Back in the DAY, it was 55% to get in - you were golden.

Serious reality check, at least for me.  And probably some of you as well.

So please committee members, continue to do they best job you can.


PS:  Thanks Texas for a great time!  One of my favorite NDTs ever...and I've been to 17!  It was awesome to see so many old friends again after such a long, long time...

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>>> "Massey, Jackie B." <debate at ou.edu> 04/01/09 8:39 AM >>>
So from what I understand, thats just how it works.

Some have different reasons, which are good and bad.

I guess i take back the "unethical" and I do not know the underlying reasons.  I totally disagree on whatever they are.

So my accusations are probably wrong.  However, I do see how some might view the way people rank as cheating.

I am sorry for the explosion.  My team should have been at the NDT and districts should not have been held against them.  This person could have ranked them a 22 or 23 and it would not have mattered.


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