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Jim Hanson hansonjb
Fri Apr 3 16:49:20 CDT 2009

othal lakey from whitman.

he is now a christian methodist bishop.

he was definitely a successful debater and he either qualified for the ndt or was one our top two teams in 1957 when whitman qualified to the ndt.

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu

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Sarah started with Hotep,


On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Douglas Dennis <blackdebateguy at hotmail.com> wrote:

  What about Hotep X?


  On 4/2/09 2:42 PM, "Kuswa, Kevin" <kkuswa at richmond.edu> wrote:

  > Adam,
  > yes, clemmons key.
  > also, had the privilege of working with Andre Hylton and Will Griffin at
  > Dartmouth.  They were a VERY strong team on the south asia topic, often
  > overshadowed by dartmouth's top team of sklaver and lovitt because they were
  > historically sick (came back their senior years after winning ndt to not drop
  > a ballot at kentucky).
  > Anyway, Will and Andre were solid--maybe 12th first round or so.  Will may
  > have single-handedly re-invigorated the "case press" into the case pimp.  do
  > with that what you may.  they ran a "clean up the ganges river" aff.
  > For your purposes (it seems by your questions), they reached the quarters of
  > the ndt---I believe losing to wake (fledderman and grant).  They did not
  > deploy white face (totally awesome btw) and instead opted for a russia DA.
  > still, though, Clemmons and Palo-Coburn key.
  > looking forward to talking some more stuff with you in the future.
  > kevin
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  > Steve Clemmons and NCP, Weber State NDT 1995 (maybe 1996 - first year of the
  > merger) 4-4, 14 ballots. FIRST team to really push race and ethnicity issues
  > in college debate.  With Bear at the helm and the legendary Bill Shanahan as
  > the field coach and ADOF, they made alot of teams cringe with Space Traders.
  > DD could tell you more, but old Steve was quite a debater back in the day.
  > Actually you can't talk about the his-her story of Black participation in
  > college debate (esp. out west), without talking about Steve...in the words of
  > HST...he was the trouble we were always looing for :).
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  >> While I agree with you Adam, that there is a lack of knowledge about
  >> Black History in debate, there are quite a few influential and
  >> interesting characters who do not meet your litmus test of being "top
  >> speaker" or "winning the NDT or CEDA".
  >> Hotep X debated for Brown University in the 1970's. Hotep X wasn't his
  >> real name, but he used that name to mystify his white opponents by
  >> pretending to be a black muslim in the early 70's. Word on the street
  >> is that it really made some people afraid of him. He was in
  >> semi-finals at the NDT although he was not a member of an "all black"
  >> team.
  >> My knowledge goes dead for a little while, there is a big gap in what
  >> I know. I might be mistaken, but I think Cleopatra Jones from the
  >> University of Vermont was the first black woman to earn a top 10
  >> speaker award at CEDA Nats.
  >> Shanara Reid, who never debated with a black partner, or even had the
  >> opportunity to qualify for the NDT was incredibly influential in the
  >> history of black debate in the late 90's and continues today. She was
  >> the first black woman to debate on the last day of CEDA Nationals.
  >> While these accomplishments are all great, one thing Shanara and Cleo
  >> both reminded me of, was that they didn't want to be the "best black
  >> women" in debate, they would settle for just being remembered as great
  >> debaters regardless..........
  >> There are particularly a lot of black women in debate who get lost in
  >> the shuffle as they never represented top speaker, or a championship
  >> team but in their own way definitely influenced debate. It is perhaps
  >> these stories that you might find the most interesting.
  >> I hope you find what you are looking for.
  >> Sarah
  >> 2009/4/2 Adam Jackson <baltimoredebate at gmail.com>:
  >>> You know what debate community? I need some info.
  >>> For the past three years of my participation in college debate, I have come
  >>> to realize something.
  >>> I know very little about Black History in debate (outside of people randomly
  >>> talking to each other about it, or mere myths that are perpetuated over
  >>> time)
  >>> So I want you all to help me out with some names and programs of some folks
  >>> who have won the awards listed at the bottom. Please correct me if I'm
  >>> wrong.
  >>> Black Top Speakers at CEDA:
  >>> Elizabeth Jones, UofL, 2004
  >>> Dayvon Love, Towson, 2009
  >>> Black Top Speakers at the NDT:
  >>> ???
  >>> First Black Person to Win CEDA:
  >>> Rashad Evans with Sarah Holbrook, West Georgia, (dont know year)
  >>> All Black Team Champions at CEDA:
  >>> Dayvon Love and Deven Cooper, Towson, 2008
  >>> Black Champions at the NDT:
  >>> ???
  >>> First All Black Team to Qualify for NDT:
  >>> ???
  >>> First Black Team to Qualify for Elimination Rounds at CEDA:
  >>> ???
  >>> First Black Team to Qualify for Elimination Rounds at NDT:
  >>> ???
  >>> Also, it would be useful if someone knows the first black top speakers and
  >>> teams at these tournaments as well (since they're so prestigious):
  >>> West Georgia
  >>> Harvard
  >>> Wake Forest
  >>> "Northwestern"
  >>> Cal Swings
  >>> West Georgia
  >>> JV/Novice Nats
  >>> Kentucky
  >>> Thank you and any info is much appreciated.
  >>> --
  >>> Adam J. Jackson
  >>> Towson Debate...All Day
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