[eDebate] Re-thinking the States Counterplan

Kade Olsen kade.olsen
Sat Apr 4 18:06:31 CDT 2009

Galloway's and Dylan's theory arguments are clearly sufficient to beat just
about anybody going for the states CP.  All that is really required is that
teams go for theory on the aff.  I guess everyone is petrified of going for

The only real concern is that going for theory in the 1ar (given the block
is likely to make 10-12 arguments) is likely to take up a lot of  the time
that the 1ar should spend on the cp.  So what? Have the 2ac do some speed
drills, make the block spend a fair amount of time extending the cp (4-5
min)? And then spend 1:30-2:00 min extending theory and you should be fine.
More efficient 1ars could spend 1:10 on theory and then extend a states da
for 30-40 secs.

Didn't this happend with consult cp's or something?  I think I have been
involved in maybe 2 debates in the last 4 years inovling one.

This obviously shouldn't just apply to the states cp.   Most theoreticially
questionable counterplans exist because its really easy to push around the
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