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by the  way, the Cap K (among many other Ks) will be in force this
coming year, and  will also allow the neg
to avoid specific discussion of poverty and  particular programs to
ameliorate that poverty, in
favor of the usual,  much broader discussion of political frameworks.

do you also want to  implore institute teachers to stop teaching the K,
in a year when  capitalism is
under particular scrutiny?
The capitalism K is also vulnerable to the lack of a solvency advocate. It  
would certainly be a good move for debate if summer institutes taught that the 
K  should actually have a link to the plan instead of relying on the lame you 
are  part of the capitalist system so obviously your plan is capitalist.
I also think the bigger issue is the huge lack of diversity in the way the  
kritik is taught. Despite a huge diversity of kritikal literature on this 
year's  topic the K on this topic was 80% cap bad and 15% heidegger. 
The question for me can always be decided by tying what is being taught to  
an educational goal. Is there a defense of teaching questions of socialism vs  
the status quo? Of course. Is there a legitimate defense of the way the K is  
taught at most summer institutes? Probably not.

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> just to emphasize one point:  consider next  year's high school
> resolution without the states cp for a second; it  is huge.  really
> really really huge;  in the world of the  states cp however there are
> still interesting aff areas where states  would not be strategic, where
> you can also actually discuss  poverty
> 3 off and the case.
> Politics,  Spending, Federalism, the case.
> The neg will be  fine.
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