[eDebate] repost: Final round video-need ec feedback

Zach Round The World zachrtw
Sun Apr 5 11:30:50 CDT 2009

Long time lurker, reading lots of posts, but never posting, but this
makes me so mad I have to post.

Post the stinking videos! I'm an ex-debater who still likes to follow
along with what is going on in debate and I'm very confused not to
mention sad. I read the listserv and was at nationals last year to
watch, and was there for the big conflict, but this year I wasn't, so
because I wasn't there personally I don't get to watch the rounds?
Bullshit!  The idea that a national championship would not be taped
and displayed for all to see is stupid. The idea that it could be
recorded and a someone could say ?I don't want to appear in it? and
you actually listen to them is absurd and makes me very sad. What
other collegiate competition would be this way? These were public
performances in a public place where anyone could attend. I know
everyone is walking on egg shells after the bill blow up last year,
but no one should have the ability to keep these videos from being
posted. This is really egregious considering that many of the
attendants are from publicly funded institutions. Courts have up he
idea that video taping in public is protected under the first
amendment. CEDA you are really being reactionary and short sited. This
is PUBLIC SPEAKING folks. If you don't want to be taped DON'T compete.
Your reasonable expectation of privacy went right out the door when
you joined. Let's me be clear, anyone can be recorded in a public
place, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. I can follow
you around all the time and record every second of your life outside
of your house and post it to Youtube, and you have zero recourse to
stop me. You don't own your imagine. That one or two people could say
?I don't want to be on the net? and let them have the final say is
stupid. This is 2009 people, everything is being recorded, and there
is nothing you can do to stop it. Can you imagine a basketball team in
the NCAA refusing to be televised? Anyways that's my 2 cents. I'll go
back to lurking in the shadows, and hopefully never see anything else
that makes me want to post.

Zach Ferris
Wichita State Debate 1994-1996

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> hello ceda....this may be a question specifically for the ec, but it has
> some aspects that i think are relevant to everybody.
> We went to ceda with two cameras and had every intention of following the
> video taping policy, I at least learned an important lesson last year. As we
> where setting up our cameras to tape the final round(for our own private
> educational use, large portions of the towson team where not there and hey
> who doesnt wnt a video of a team they work with in the final round of
> nationals)ceda ec members approached us and asked if we could shooot the
> offical tape because the arrnagements as i remember for them to tape it had
> fallen through. This went to the extent of agreeing that if we could stream
> it we should as gordon announced before the round started....paraphrasing
> now i said "uh you sure you wnt adam and i to tape and post a video from
> ceda, that seems to be exactly what the policy prempts(i was less funny then
> but still made the point)...yes...was the answer i got...so i toook the
> tapes and have been working on converting them as an act of community
> service....that brings us to now...at least two people have asked that they
> not be included in any video, and have reminded me about the policy that the
> round opperated under....im sorta stuck ive been willing to do the work that
> i have done so far in converting and editing the video but i dont want to
> post it if people are opting out...even with ec sanction...nor do i want to
> be responsible in that scenario for developing the "private educational
> purposes" system that will allow the people we want to see it to see it but
> not everybody else...? how to go fwd? thanks
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