[eDebate] repost: Final round video-need ec feedback

Justin Green jmgreen
Sun Apr 5 13:45:57 CDT 2009

Safety of the participants-  The caveat of opt-out was advocated in
the NDT meetings about documentary rights because of at least one
student at the time had gone to court to protect themselves from a
stalker.  There was a court-recognized need for safety against
displaying public images of this student.  While the particulars of
this student were not discussed, the possibility of any participant
(coach, judge, student, etc) in witness protection programs, students
with legal issues, and stalking were all listed as potential reasons
to let students opt-out.  I cannot speak to the motivations of the
CEDA committee members in the opt-out provision, but it too sounds
like a good idea.

Yes, you might be legally correct that you can follow someone around
and take pictures/videos of them.  Our organization made a choice to
not just be legal, but to try to factor in concerns of the
participants as well.

I too would like to see it again and show it to my debaters who were
not in attendance. Zach, glad to hear that you are still following -
waiting is a small price to pay.

Justin Green

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