[eDebate] repost: Final round video-need ec feedback

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Sun Apr 5 21:38:27 CDT 2009

Look, Justin, and everyone esle within this community:

this "protect the student" shit, is just that, shit. This is, and SHOULD BE, a
public activity. Your arguments for student privacy are absurd. I would love to
see those students of Villanova claim they have a right to "privacy" for all of
those 3-point bricks thrown in the NCAA final semis. This is really a bunch a
bullshit for a bunch of professionals to claim some right to
student/institutional privacy regarding elimination rounds of the fucking CEDA
National Championship. You may get the "insular must protect children to create
a learning/protected autonomy environment" in other tournamnets. But this is the
national championship final round. If people are too out of control, then get
them the hell out of the final round.

By the way, I spoke to a particualar person who was rather advanced in years,
and had a vested interest in the final round. He still loved debate, even
though he thought the race card was being played excessively.

Jeesus, if you are so embarrassed by the final rounds of our National
Tournament(s), and what your students are doing during those rounds, we should
fold up our collective tent now.

I, for one, was almost brought to tears by the aesthetics of the final round. I
was proud to be there and I will willingly defend what went on during the final
round among the relevant particpants. The appeals to some since of "privacy" are
flat out a non starter.


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