[eDebate] What schools are in each District?

Wed Apr 8 15:08:40 CDT 2009

Jim Hanson has a wonderful map on the united states clearly divided up into districts with neatly colored lines.

I have the link saved - but it is home on my computer.  If Jim does not post in the 6 hours prior to my return home, I will do so.

But his map is outdated now.  There are only 8 districts now.  9 and 2 have officially merged, now to be called District X (we're still working out some naming issues).


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>>> Adam Jackson <baltimoredebate at gmail.com> 04/08/09 2:01 PM >>>
I got a question that may seem silly.

Who can point me in the direction of the listing of the schools in  
each district?
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