[eDebate] Never ending War

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sat Apr 11 19:05:30 CDT 2009

Clay's penchant for quality evidence (strategybros.com or whatever that cite
was) and deft historical and economic analysis blew me (away). Mahoney's
high school (teacher) K knowledge was equally impressive and compelling.
These two should take their show on the road. Seriously, get on the

Just so we're clear: Stealing the Jessup speech for the 100000000th time is
not comic genius nor does it qualify as post-of-the-year material. Except
that Clay may have a. been serious b. not known it was from a movie or c.
been sleepwalking. Philosophy for Dummies, dude. Ok, I concede it was funny
to laugh at, but never with. There are so many things to give Massey a hard
time about; plagiarizing shouldnt be necessary is all Im saying.

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