[eDebate] Dear Policy Debate R Us...

Deven bmoreboi325
Mon Apr 13 12:47:02 CDT 2009

Jackie I totally agree with you!! I don?t get why, I guess, the policy side think they are being treated so unfairly but no one sees the alt or K teams that are invisible because they are not technical or traiditonal enough to roll with the hegemons of this activity. Funny how at the NDT the K teams get beat down with a damn brick aggressively and continually by the gatekeepers in this activity, but they are the ones who aren?t getting fair treatment? Sound like privilege to me. Most of us debaters from the UDL have to conform to you policy standards for almost 4 years of our lives and when we see something that is more liberating and speaking to who we are?..we fear it because we are taught that it wrong to be radical or embrace your identity?this is kind of why I was turned off by the Louisville project when I was a senior in high school..because I had blinders on that stopped me from seeing the reality of how debate was crucifying my blackness
 and many of my peers to be those execptionalist hegemons that add to the power and privilege of white supremacy. 
The standards of fairness so called for in debate, is the fairness of the status quo dominant politics that seeks to silence those of us who are motivated to engage differently. If debate is to have the potential to help urban students it should let us do so in a way that speaks to our condition and not try to funnel us through a spectrum that allows you to control our expression to make you feel comfortable. Why do we always have to draw form the literature base that you find to be acceptable and meaningful, when we have black literature and knowledge that you should want to know or be educated by?.we learn your stuff everyday?.those of us who are political sci majors?for those of you who think WE are just a phase for the season and that the pendulum will swing back to the traditional debaters...you are sadly mistaken..that really only occurs, at least in plain sight, when judge guard the shield with their ballots in out rounds and prelims for
 political reasons?.

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