[eDebate] Dear Policy Debate R Us...

RJ Giglio byrdrebel69
Mon Apr 13 16:13:45 CDT 2009

I kinda think Josh is missing a couple of Devon's points...

1) Your presupposition that there can just be a 'neutral' literature base that we can all agree upon is wrong. Not everybody agrees on what the topic is even after the wording has been decided which means framework and fairness just becomes a preservation of the status quo in a lot of ways. It's not about your particular beliefs.

2) The fact that there were only 2 K teams in the octas of the NDT just makes the argument that 'judges are way too lenient on K debaters' really lame. Nobody thinks that when teams like us or Towson lose that it "was a conspiracy or that all judges voted against you to protect the SQ". It's that the standards that are deemed neutral END UP PRESERVING THE STATUS QUO. It's the whole reason why the concept of structural racism was introduced - because intentional racism, policy ideologues who refuse to vote for the K, are few and far between. I think your jump to say that Devon assumes there's a conspiracy kinda proves his point - that we believe if we don't act intentionally to exclude particular styles of debate or ideologies that we aren't doing so - but the fact is things like assuming extinction comes first, assuming debate should be exclusively about the plan, the idea that one particular interpretation of or relationship to the topic IS the
 objective one, (and I'm not saying YOU do these things Josh) end up structurally disadvantaging K debaters even when they don't have the intention of doing so. 

I also think he's clearly talking more about the people above who really sound as if they are whining in some ways about the way judges might have come down on issues such as specific author indicts versus generic links, yet make reference to these straw person decisions that nobody can specifically recollect, yet "happen all the time", when at the same time there are only 2 K teams in the octas of the NDT


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