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the potential for the 'B-word' to become leftist vogue refers primarily to the placement of paglia's article on salon.com.  
the preemptive argument was "and those of critical suasion" since monolithic categories like leftism are sometimes defined narrowly by people like you.
there is an old tradition of self-reflexive criticism from inside leftist circles going back to karl korsch and the council communist movement.    one of the big problems that has bred the obama phenomenon is the "identity politics of leftism" which is ignorant of its own history.    these shallow feeders are almost exclusively anti-right in their focus and easily coopted by corporate party politics, e.g. obama.     excoriating the left does not mean one is, technically anti-left:
paglia in '02:

Leftism has become wordplay ? a refuge for bourgeois intellectuals guilty about their comfort and privilege.
The crisis of the Left was signaled 20 years ago by academe's retreat into poststructuralism ? an elitist, jargon-filled methodology practiced by literati with scant knowledge of history. In the U.S., liberalism too is confused, alternating between a genteel humanitarianism credulously craving government programs to an overtly machiavellian power politics.
Because the Left has been programmatically anti-business, it has been unable to reform the business practices that generate prosperity in the West. A strong, articulate Left could have roused public resistance to the Marie Antoinette corporate culture of the past 15 years, which have climaxed in recent revelations of monumental fraud. As smaller companies were swallowed up in transnational conglomerates, plant closings produced superficial cost-cutting, rewarded by skyrocketing compensation for top management. Boards of directors went limp, while stockholders were helpless. An honest, respected Left would have been well positioned to render aid when and where it was needed.
The most radical task facing contemporary leftism is a purgation and reclamation of its own rhetoric.

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