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FijiPapabear at aol.com FijiPapabear
Sat Apr 25 13:06:05 CDT 2009

First I would like to say happily that I have been out of the active debate 
 world now for over two years.  
With that being said Donnie, I put my money where my mouth is.  I  actually 
donated enough money to cover tuition for one student in the  camp.  Why 
did I do this?  Simple Donnie, I find that what has most  contributed to my 
success outside of debate came from many of the discussions I  had and from 
listening to people exchanging diverse ideas.  I also think  that the Loon may 
do a lot to make this activity that much less intimidating to  those 
entering the activity.  Additionally what is wrong with an  intellectual forum for 
which people can discuss these issues and apply them to  debate and maybe 
the real world.  
While I appreciate your diatribe, I would say this camp out may do a lot  
more to influence the success these students have in the real world.   
Ultimately the debate career is 4 years, but what we take from it impacts the  
rest of our lives.  
Finally, with respect to your claims of pot smoking and boozing, I am sure  
that the instructors will not facilitate either underage drinking or get 
them  weed.  Especially because of the legal liability they would expose  
themselves too from students and institutions who are paying for their students  
to go.  
Cheers from Mexico,
Alex Acosta
University of Miami
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