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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Wed Apr 29 13:04:28 CDT 2009

We've sent numerous debaters to WDI in the past.  We haven't sent any in recent years, and we weren't going to send any this year.  Tuna identifies the number one reason (by far):  the cost had become too much.  It was much more reasonable (and friendly) when Tuna controlled more of the arrangements (there's a lesson about University bureaucracies in there somewhere).  Together with inflation, tightening budgets, etc., WDI became a luxury we could not afford.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Tuna for all that he put into the WDI policy workshops over the years.  And I appreciate all that the various staffs there did for my students.  Even though we weren't going to participate this year, I still think this is a sad day.


--Neil Berch

West Virginia University
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> Subject: [eDebate] WDI policy workshop
> I have met with Continuing Education today and we have decided to:
> Cancel the College Policy Workshop
> Cancel the Coaching Workshop
> Our international workshops in Europe and Latin America are not impacted 
> by this.
> After 25 years of the WDI this is a difficult move to make, but I think 
> it is the right one in terms of fiscal realities and the desire to 
> reinstate future summer programs related to debating.
> The reasons are clear:
> 1. The university has jacked up fees for use, housing, meals etc.
> until it is beyond being acceptable. There is no way we can be
> financially accessible to students under the current university
> charge system.
> 2. Financial losses could threaten our main debate budget.
> 3. The economy has put pressures on people to cut back, and summer
> programs are a logical place to start. This is true in all summer
> programs in America. This combines with the first point.
> 4. The flu situation has scared some of our international attendees away.
> 5. Policy debate continues to shrink in the USA, and especially that
> important part of the population, people who feel that with a
> summer institute experience they can be competitive in the coming
> year. There are fewer of these in our midst.
> I want to thank every for their support, hard work, tears, toil and love 
> over the last 25 years.
> I feel that when one door closes another one opens. I will now turn to 
> finding that new door. I bet I won't have to look long.
> Best,
> Tuna
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