[eDebate] Graduation Amendment with a Caveat

Kelly Young kel1773
Thu Apr 30 18:19:12 CDT 2009

Souders wrote:
However, I do think some of the wording might need changing.  The current

wording would seem to allow graduate students to begin debating in graduate

school and functionally debate for five years, unless I am mistaken--or,

more commonly, to graduate after three years (having attended only two CEDA

Nationals) and then compete for two more years in graduate school.  I tend

to think that graduate students should be limited to one year of additional

competition after receiving an undergraduate degree.  No one wants fifth

year Ph.D students competing against 18 year old undergraduates.  And

perhaps more realistically, debate should not be competing with students's

abilities to work on MA theses, L2 studies, etc.  We all know debate can be

all-consuming, let's not make a system that gets our students more

undergraduate degrees (a good thing) but torpedoes their graduate work (a

bad thing).

"National CEDA Tournament contestants" is the language used in the amendment which at first I thought corrected Souder's concern. However, after reexamination, it doesn't. This language either means graduate students can only debate at CEDA nats and no other tournament that semester (which seems to be against the spirit of the amendment) or it means that grad students can debate for four years (I think clearly against the spirit of the amendment).

Better language would be: ?National CEDA Tournament contestants are to be officially enrolled
students in good standing at the college or university they represent
in competition. All CEDA tournament contestants must be undergraduate
students, unless they *already received their undergraduate degree the previous semester* and are officially enrolled in a graduate *or post-bachelor degree* program at the same institution,
and have competed in four or less years of intercollegiate debate.?

that would seem to correct the problem. In reality, I think the demands of grad school would prevent the graduate debater, but who knows.


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