[eDebate] Obama Birth Certificate

Sheldon Kreger sheldonkreger
Sun Aug 2 12:43:51 CDT 2009

I'm so tired of hearing about this, and it seems that I'm not the only one.

Regardless of whether Obama is an actual citizen of the US - whether his
birth certificate is legitimate or not - it's pretty clear at this point
that we aren't going to get anywhere arguing about it. The dude is the
president, and he's probably going to figure out a way to keep it that way.
The end result has only been division and anger. Take, for example, the
headline on alternet a few days ago, as well as the arguments here on
edebate, saying that "birthers" are just a bunch of "racists." While there
is, certainly, a small percentage of Obama critics who are racist, that does
not justify categorizing all "birthers" as such. In fact, doing so requires
the same line of argumentation that racism does - making unfair generalized
assumptions about a group of people who share one charactaristic. Must we
reduce our argumentation to childish name calling?

For those who are oponents of Obama, continuing to insist on finding his
birth certificate distracts from the real reasons you oppose Obama, such as
the unfullfilled promises of ending the wars in Afgahnistan and Iraq, and
the continued infestation of politics with corporate interests and bankster
agendas. Why continue to bitch about something so trivial as a birth
certificate when there are a katrillion better reasons to call the guy out,
and risk being labeled a racist? I mean, seriously, do you really think
Obama doesn't have the power to just forge a birth certificate, should push
come to shove?

And for those who are convinced that Obama is a citizen, and perhaps are
supporters, find some better (offensive) reasons why a birth certificate
shouldn't be produced. While I think the whole issue is overblown,
counterproductive, and should be dropped, you sound just as idiotic as the
racists you hate on when you imply that Obama shouldn't prove he's a citizen
because he's black, arguing that only racists demand that a black president
prove his citizenship.

Really, I just want to convince people to STFU about this. What a waste of
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