[eDebate] demands to see sarah palin's real high school diploma go mainstream

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Sun Aug 2 14:21:20 CDT 2009


a xenophobic distraction.

if obama's approval ratings were 81%, should that make our opposition
to his escalation of the war in afghanistan/pakistan any less strident?
like l.b.j., he risks sacrificing the people's welfare for a protracted and
mission-less military operation that kills tens of thousands of innocent
civilians. snicker all you want about health care, but we're closer than
we've ever been before; f.d.r., truman, kennedy, l.b.j., and clinton all
failed, and a political win here might give the administration the capital
to pass serious climate legislation among other worthy endeavors.

laws matter. yes, of course, we always need to keep our eye on the
fundamental antagonism: obama is a capitalist and an imperialist. that
to me is infinitely more important than whether he was born in kenya.
but, on the other hand, and to upend milton friedman's adage, i have
never met a redistribution of wealth i didn't like. relieving the constant
torment of those living a hand-to-mouth existence will open up further
opportunities for revolutionary change from the bottom-up. things do
not have to get apocalyptically worse before they can get any better;
this is why we should always be able to count on the communists to
fight the fascists and the racists alongside the liberals reformers with
whom we ultimately must part company.



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