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Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Mon Aug 3 09:27:29 CDT 2009

Hi all,

here's a new piece by our friends and scholars, Greene and Hicks.

They have done it again with a very interesting piece on the techniques of governmentality as these techniques work through debate, particularly in attempts to harness/challenge the ways democracy can isolate its Other.  Good stuff as always.  If anyone gets into the "faithful" concept as the article uses it, you might also want to check out the cite Ron sent over: Saba Mahmood,  the Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject.

Thanks to Ron and Darrin for sending this on...he'll send out the full cite when it gets picked up beyond Alta.

Also, Del McWhorter (Philosophy Prof here at Richmond) has put together a new version of _Heidegger and the Earth_.  I had a chance to review it for U. Toronto Press and it is really awesome--the same article about managerialism is now 2009, but it also has about 7 additional articles that were not in the 1992 version.  The article called "A Conversation on the Lawn, Eating Eriginis," totally blew me away.  Enjoy.

I hope everyone is having fun with the topic.


U. Richmond

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