[eDebate] NDCA Open Evidence Project

Maggie Berthiaume maggiekb
Wed Aug 5 12:39:53 CDT 2009

The 2009-2010 National Debate Coaches Association Open Evidence
project is now up! This is a free service that provides debaters and
coaches with more than a thousand files from debate institutes across
the country. We are still busy uploading files, but we wanted to make
them available to you. You can find us at:

A big thank-you goes out to Mike Bietz, NDCA President, who set up the
website and performed consistent and valuable troubleshooting. Also
thanks to the NDCA board members who volunteered to upload workshop
files throughout the summer.

Below are some helpful FAQs to help navigate your way through this.

1 ? How do I search for files?
One of the perks of our new system is the variety of ways that you can
find files. You can just scroll through the posts (each file is
uploaded as a ?post?) and browse through files by workshop or by
category. You can click on the category on the side of the screen to
either view files by institute OR by argument category. For example,
you can look at all of the counterplans generated by institutes by
clicking on Policy-Counterplans. You can also just ?search? for a file
in the search toolbox at the top. For example, you could search for
the biopower kritik by searching biopower OR searching Foucault.

2- Do I need a password?
Simply, no. To access a file, click on the file you want to view and
then click the link for the file. The file will then download

3 ? How do I know when new files are being posted since files will
be uploaded continually the next few weeks?
There are a few ways. First, the files are listed as ?posts? with the
most recent posts being shown on the Open Evidence Project homepage
(debatecoaches.org/openevidence). Visiting the homepage each day will
show you the latest posts.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds and email alerts if you would like
to be notified when new files are posted.

4 ? When I search for a file, it only shows one result, but I know
that more than one workshop wrote the file. What gives?
You should see a link that says ?Older Posts? above the search result.
You can scroll through the ?Older Posts? and find all of the results
for that particular file. Remember you can also search by workshop for
specific workshop files.

5 ? How do I show my appreciation for this resource?

Attend one of the institutes that agreed to donate their files.

Become a member of the NDCA. As always, every resource that the NDCA
provides is free of charge to the community. We run our projects on
the good will of many in the community. However, if you find that our
resources make an impact on your program, a simple $25.00 annual
membership fee is a great way to continue the viability of this
organization. You can register at debatecoaches.org?this is also a
good reminder to renew for the 2009-2010 school year!

6 ? I have questions. Who do I email?
Your first line of defense is Maggie Berthiaume at
berthiaumem at fultonschools.org or Tracy McFarland at
tmcfarland at jesuitschools.org. If one of us can?t answer your question,
we will try to find someone that can.

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