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Mitchell, Gordon Roger gordonm
Wed Aug 5 23:31:35 CDT 2009

Preprints of new, debate-related scholarship winding its way into press (feedback welcome, with potential to change content in a few cases where editorial windows remain open):

Mitchell, G.R., Bsumek, P., Lundberg, C., Mangus, M., & Voth, B., with Hobeika, O., & Jensen, M. (2009). Pathways to innovation in debate scholarship: Research and scholarship working group report. Third National Developmental Conference on Debate. Winston-Salem, North Carolina. June 5-7.
- Summary, background and rationale for the seven debate research and scholarship resolutions approved by the Debate Summit's plenary session.

Mitchell, G.R. (2009). Switch-side debating meets demand-driven rhetoric of science. Unpublished manuscript under final review.
- Covers EPA debates, Great Debaters, Munksgaard and Pfister, new Greene/Hicks Alta paper, intelligence community's "Analytic Outreach" initiative.

Mitchell, G.R. (2009). View from the summit: Perspectives on forensics scholarship and research from the 2009 Policy Debate Summit and Development Conference. Paper presented at the Sixteenth AFA/NFA Summer Conference on Argumentation. Alta, UT, July 30-August 2.
- Focuses on Timely Interventions journal, Skarburry controversy.

Goodnight, G.T. & Mitchell, G.R. (2009). Forensics as scholarship: Testing Zarefsky's bold hypothesis. Argumentation & Advocacy (forthcoming, accepted June 2009).
- Review of Zarefsky's forensics oeuvre, update of his hypothesis-testing paradigm for digital age.

Mitchell, G.R. & McTigue, K.M. (2009). Promoting translational medicine through deliberation. Paper presented at the "Justification, Reason and Action" Conference in Honor of David Zarefsky. Northwestern University. Evanston, IL. May 29-30.
- Application of hypothesis testing paradigm to overcome Type II translation blocks in medical research.

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