[eDebate] Updated Contact Information for Marist College

James Maritato james.maritato
Sat Aug 8 17:56:01 CDT 2009

Hello All,

As I am leaving Marist (and regular involvement in policy debate) at the end
of the month to begin my PhD at Rutgers I will no longer be handling
inquiries about Marist's debate program.  I'll probably still be lurking in
the listserv shadows, but should anyone need to reach a representative of
Marist Debate you can contact the Dean of the School of Communication & the

His contact information is as follows:

Dr. Steven Ralston
Dean, School of Communication & The Arts
Marist College
3399 North Rd.
Poughkeepsie NY 12601
Steven.Ralston at Marist.Edu

Thanks all,

Jim Maritato
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