[eDebate] New Paperless Debate Template + In-Depth Guide to Word for Debaters

Sam King meviin
Mon Aug 10 03:53:01 CDT 2009

I just posted a new set of paperless debate templates and a guide to MS Word
to my homepage at
I'll post a copy to the Stanford Debate website once I get around to
updating it.

My new template improves on the macros that Whitman developed for paperless
debate this past year.  A few notable features (many of which should help
even if you aren't doing paperless debate):
-You can move cards up and down
-You can send and move subheadings along with headings (ie, moving a Heading
1 will also move a Heading 2 that is under it)
-You can jump to headings (think Ctrl+Up, but it moves to headings rather
than just moving up one paragraph)
-You don't have to use manual page breaks at all if you don't want to
-You don't have to manually create "Speech.doc" every time.  And
"spEECH.dOc" would work if you didn't capitalize it correctly.
-You can make the entire document into a cite request
-It's completely backwards compatible with Whitman's old template
-Most of the bugs with Whitman's old template are now fixed

A guide to formatting and usability in MS Word is available at
These documents go into depth on Word features and will teach most people
some things that let them format their documents more precisely and faster
(ie, nonprinting characters, styles, templates, macros, custom toolbars,
custom menus).  The second half of the document also contains more detailed
notes on my macros and on paperless debate.
The template itself is at
If you want to download a version of the template with the new macros but
with shortcut keys more like Whitman's template, download

I don't get emails from eDebate, so make sure you email me directly or cc me
if you have any questions/comments/bug reports.  I'm taking feature requests
if anyone has any Word, Paperless, or other Debate Programming needs.

Many thanks to Whitman for getting Paperless going and for helping me start
on programming my templates!
-Sam King
Stanford Debate
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