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Alfred C Snider alfred.snider
Mon Aug 10 11:03:53 CDT 2009

If you are curious, take some time off over the Thanksgiving break and 
come join us at the International Debate Academy in Slovenia. Those who 
have swear by it and it has convinced them to try the worlds debate 
(also known as WUDC or BP) format.

It is not expensive, airfares are reasonable if purchased now, and it 
will be a great time but with a lot of intense debating. Instruction, 
housing and all meals for 250 Euros.

Let me know if I can answer your questions about this event.

The website is at http://debate.uvm.edu/idas.html





21-29 NOVEMBER 2009

    * Full program for students ? instruction, IDAS/FUTUR 2009 tournament
    * IDAS/FUTUR 2009 tournament for students ? tournament in Ljubljana
      at the Faculty of Administration-University of Ljubljana.
    * Full program for trainers, teachers, coaches, club leaders, judges
      at any level in any debate format.


    * Arrive in Ormoz, Slovenia November 21 2009
    * Instruction in Ormoz November 21-26 2009
    * Transfer to Ljubljana morning 27 November 2009
    * FUTUR tournament in Ljubljana afternoon 27-29 November 2009


Organized by:
ZIP ? Za in proti (ZIP), Pro et Contra, Institute for the Culture of 
Dialogue, Slovenia
WDI ? World Debate Institute, University of Vermont
Debate Club, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana

Scholarship Fund established by Bickel & Brewer
Download Application Form http://debate.uvm.edu/idas09scholform.doc

FACULTY -- more to come!

* Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore: Well known Asian debate trainer, WUDC 
breaking judge, honorary professorship North-Eastern University China, 
SAID Singapore, 5th IDAS.
* Jens Fischer, Germany: Berlin Debating Union, Chief Adjudicator at 
Europeans, 5th IDAS.
* Leela Koenig, Netherlands: Cork Worlds 2009 Best ESL speaker, Top ESL 
Speaker at Euros 2007 and 2008, DCA Newcastle Euros 2009, CA of 
Amsterdam, Euros 2010 bid, lecturer at The Hague University, philosophy 
student at Leiden University. 1st IDAS.
* Chris Langone, USA: Cornell University. 2nd IDAS.
* Isabelle Loewe, Germany: Winner EUDC (ESL), ESL-Semifinalist Worlds 
2007, DCA Tallinn EUDC 2008; CA/DCA of several tournaments, among them, 
Prague, Tilbury IV, Yeditepe Open, Jacobs Open; Winner and finalist of 
several tournaments in Europe; Officer for International Law and Human 
Rights Education
* Branka Marusic, Croatia: Former President Europeans Council, IDAS 
Finalist, 3rd IDAS.
* Rhydian Morgan, UK: Chief Adjudicator and Finals judge at numerous 
tournaments, Welsh Debating Federation, World Debate Institute faculty 
2008-09, 3rd IDAS.
* Maja Nenadovic, Croatia: Founder of several debating societies across 
Europe, currently busy with introducing debate to countries in the 
Western Balkans region, and with finishing her PhD in political science 
at the University of Amsterdam. 2nd IDAS.
* Debbie Newman, UK: President of Cambridge Union, England and Wales 
National Champion, WSDC 2008 World Champion coach for England. 2nd IDAS.
* Alfred Snider, USA: Professor at University of Vermont, Director World 
Debate Institute, USA Coach of the Year, six recent debate textbooks, 
Convener 2009 US Universities Nationals, 7th IDAS.
* Bojana Skrt, Slovenia: Director ZIP, three times WSDC EFL World 
Champion coach, 7th IDAS.
* Anne Valkering, Netherlands: Oxford ESL semi-finalist 2006, finalist 
2007, winner ESL final Manchester IV 2007; EUDC ESL finalist 2006, 
semi-finalist 2007, quarterfinalist 2008, ESL second speaker 2008, fifth 
speaker 2006; WUDC ESL champion 2008; DCA Dutch Nationals 2009, CA 
Bonaparte Debate Tournament 2007, DCA Amsterdam Open 2008 and 2009, CA 
Sciences Po IV 2009.


* STUDENT TRAINING : Each Instruction day features a main lecture, 
exercise and drill sessions, and two complete critiqued practice 
debates. Many elective classes offered. Many training preparation 
sessions offered. Judge evaluation and training offered. Advanced, basic 
and beginner tracks available. The best way to get ready forn WUDC in 
The International Debate Academy Slovenia will be offering a special 
track for trainers, coaches and those interested in learning about how 
to train debaters and create debate organizations such as clubs, 
academic programs and leagues. The program will call upon the extensive 
experience of the faculty to provide specialized training, including: 
Basic debate training steps: observation, advice from experienced 
trainers and curriculum guides Judging: instruction, shadow judging, 
real judging experience Tournaments: hosting, administering, including 
tabulation software. Advanced debate training: observation, advice from 
experienced trainers, curriculum guides. Organizing: recruiting 
debaters, implementing training, scheduling meetings, publicity. 
Attendees will have a sample judging session every morning as well as a 
special training session in the afternoon. All events at the program 
will also be open to attendees. Special needs and requests specific to 
individuals can be met if given advance notice.
* TOURNAMENT: Sponsored by IDAS, ZIP and hosted by Faculty of 
Administration University of Ljubljana. Six preliminary rounds and 
semifinals in the WUDC format. No team caps as of now. Faculty will 
serve as adjudication core and administration for the tournament.


250 Euros for full program, 60 Euros for tournament.
Fees: Includes all meals, double rooms, instructional materials, 
transportation from Ormoz to Ljubljana, and social activities. 
Accommodations: Rooms and full meals provided in Ormoz and Ljubljana. 
Social activities each evening. Limited crash available for tournament.

Scholarships: We hope to offer substantial scholarships to needy 

Financial Disclosure: IDAS is a non-profit program, trainers are not 
paid, trainer travel is not reimbursed, participation fees pay for 
attendee expenses of rooms and food only, trainer accommodations and 
food and other costs are covered by ZIP.

Social Events: We will have frequent social events. We will not 
distribute free alcohol to 18+ attendees out of the workshop fees. We 
will seek soft drinks-beer-wine sponsors. We prioritize scholarships for 
attendees over free alcohol. We want as many people as possible to join 
the program.

Website: http://debate.uvm.edu/idas.html
Blogsite: http://internationaldebateacademy.blogspot.com/

Organizing Committee:
Director of the Academy: Bojana Skrt, ZIP, bojana.skrt at siol.net
Head of Training: Alfred C. Snider, World Debate Institute, University 
of Vermont, alfred.snider at uvm.edu
Tournament Host: Helena Felc

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
Edwin Lawrence Professor of Forensics
University of Vermont
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