[eDebate] Debate Instructor Position - O'Bryant School, Boston, MA

Matt Schnall mschnall
Mon Aug 10 15:02:50 CDT 2009

(Posted at the request of Steve Stein, Executive Director, Boston Debate League, on behalf 
of the O'Bryant Gateway program)


The O'Bryant School in Roxbury, one of Boston's three public exam schools, is seeking to 
hire a speech or debate instructor for ninth-grade students, during the 2009-10 school year.  
This instruction would be offered to students in a pilot extended-time program at the 
O'Bryant, called the Gateway program.

This instruction could be scheduled in two different ways:

Option A.  2 to 3 meetings per week during a class period that runs from 11:45 AM - 12:45 
PM.  In this arrangement, the instructor would be working with two different groups of 
students, each with 25-26 students, on a rotating basis.
Option B.  1 meeting afterschool per week during the time slot of 2-3:30 PM.  In this 
arrangement, the instructor would be working with one fixed group of ~16-20 students.

In either arrangement, the schedule of weeks (length, start and end) has flexibility, and it 
could start as early as September.  Depending upon the instructor's needs, we may be able 
to provide additional support for the class from college work-study or volunteer students.

This would be a noncredit enrichment activity in our program.  We would be interested in 
exploring the possibility of preparing students for participation in extracurricular competitions, 
but that would not be a requirement for the instruction.

This position will be compensated on an hourly basis at a rate commensurate with the 
instructor's experience.  

Interested individuals should contact Jennifer Wu, director of the O'Bryant Gateway program, 
by email at jwu at boston.k12.ma.us or by phone at 617-304-4601.


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