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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Aug 11 17:07:04 CDT 2009


I am trying to start a new organization that teaches young people(many of
whom are debaters, but many of whom are not) to learn the internet skills
they need to amplify their ideas, solutions, stories, and plans . The
business, Bmore Connected is a social enterprise and once trained the young
people would be eligible for employment. I am competing in the Ideablob
contest (again) and i need your help. VOTE 4 BmoreConnected @Ideablob.  3
steps. 1.Register http://ideablob.com/signup  2.Confirm Email  3. Vote
http://bit.ly/X3Ojn #bmore". You will notice that it is formatted like a
tweet, if you like the idea after you vote post it n to your twitter, and
make it your facebook status (when it goes to add the link box because you
included a link simply delete the link box and it will set as your
status)....i would also love your advice and feedback.

PS @debatetwit which made its debut at the NDT will be back this year, keep
an eye out for an announcement in the early part of the season.
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